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 — Crafting Kenya, Founder / Lead —

Originally from Kenya, Wanja is an idea integrator, doer and risk-taker with global perspectives gained from the 6 countries where she has lived and worked, and the 26 others where she has traveled. For six years, Wanja worked globally in the fields of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. This was an incredible opportunity to give back and to experience local cultures of the communities she worked with. 

Wanja sees herself as belonging to a new generation of young Africans who are rewriting the Africa narrative, basing the new narrative on what the continent has. African culture is one of her chosen paths, not only because culture is one of Africa’s biggest assets, but also because culture and the arts are easily Wanja’s first loves. 





 — Photographer —

Anthony Bourasseau is a self-taught French travel photographer, a humanitarian and public health pharmacist. His interest and passion in photography was triggered following a rich encounter with diverse people and cultures during a round-the-world trip in 2007 and 2008. Over time, Anthony Bourasseau has developed a photographic language that captures the daily life of people in colorful and moving images. Curious by nature, this visual adventurer has traveled to more than sixty countries in the world using the streets and the countryside paths as a living and fascinating studio.




— MC, Crafting Kenya Trivia Nights —

Up until the Crafting Kenya Trivia Nights, David Rubia’s MC skills had only been used at family functions.  As Crafting Kenya trivia nights’ MC, David proved to be an adept MC who kept attendees engaged and in stitches.





— Marketing Volunteer —

Kathure knocked on Crafting Kenya’s door asking if she could help with marketing and communications. We said yes and she proceeded to publicize Crafting Kenya trivia nights on every possible social platform in Nairobi, and to help to coordinate events.



Melissa Cabrera Santos

— Graphic Design Volunteer —

Originally from Peru, Melissa has been with Crafting Kenya from the beginning, helping with Graphic Design. She is currently on the team that’s designing the Crafting Kenya e-book.



Hilda Odiko

— Operations Volunteer —

When Wanja announced her plans to launch Crafting Kenya, Hilda immediately offered to help. Hilda went on to lead the planning in Kenya and to coordinate the Crafting Kenya trivia nights to raise additional funds for the project. After Crafting Kenya’s official launch, Hilda coordinated site visits, tickets and accommodation. Hilda also managed Crafting Kenya’s finances throughout the project.


Kendi Laiboni

 — Social Media Volunteer —

A lover of all things social media, Kendi stepped in to help set up and manage Crafting Kenya’s social media platforms during the fundraising campaigns.




Shiku Waithaka

— Events Volunteer —

This adventure traveler and marathoner momentarily put adventure on the backseat and redirected her energy towards making our trivia nights a success.  Shiku earned herself a reputation for fearlessly knocking on sponsors’ doors to ask for gifts for Crafting Kenya trivia night winners.


Kajuju Laiboni

— Events Volunteer —

Kajuju’s love for people was a real asset in her role as Crafting Kenya’s Events Volunteer. From the first Crafting Kenya trivia night, people in Kajuju’s immediate and extended networks came out to support Crafting Kenya, and thereafter reached out to us with additional support and ideas for growing Crafting Kenya.


Kirt Dennis

— Fundraising Volunteer —

This Montana native was the first person to hear about the Crafting Kenya concept. He loved the idea so much that he joined Wanja in launching and coordinating Crafting Kenya’s crowdfunding campaign. A year later, Kirt is still very much a part of the Crafting Kenya team.